pictures are from pinterest (and I know that isn't a valid source, all images should be official)


where do I start with rinari. . .I discovered her in love live! all stars and was instantly in love.

I saw her mask and instantly knew; she was shy, possibly socially anxious though I doubt love live! would ever delve into that, and by covering her face could allow herself to be more open. I know now it's more a case of she doesn't express well, but it still stands. Rina is a quiet, serious person with a sweet soft personality hidden underneath, a lover of cats and video games and anime.

it's why I love her so much, and relate to her. Even though the anime has dropped most of her rina-chan board gimmick, I relate to her soft voice and being socially carried (lovingly) by an extrovert.

of course, I'm not going to act like I didn't first notice her appearance. Pink hair? Already sold. Her thigh socks, sneakers and sweatshirt are just icing on top of the cake; I love when characters personalize their uniforms, and hers is for the sake of comfort which I love.

I also love her songs! Her voice is monotone and kinda robotic, but her lyrics and accompanying music are upbeat and punchy. Her lyrics focus on stuff like Internet and radio waves, and how she'd love to be more expressive. As her songs progress, from her first to her third, she opens up more and the lyrics become less "I want to be" and more "I am".