pictures are from pinterest (and I know that isn't a valid source, all images should be official)


I got into overwatch about a year after it came out? My dad got it for his xbox but it was too fast and flashy for him so I played it. Before even playing the game I knew I loved d.va (incase you were wondering, yes I mained her lol). I don't think you need to play a game to love the characters, but me having played and enjoyed overwatch in the past helps me deal with that imposter complex sometimes haha.

Obviously, I love d.va's aesthetic and style. Pink gamer and bunny motifs? Genius. Mechs don't really interest me but my brain makes an exception (plus I mean, they are pretty cool). My dad's girlfriend noted once I could pull of d.va's signature look and it made me happy. I love her (upfront) personality and competitive nature, her confidence and cuteness is something I aspire for as a sore loser.

Honestly, my love for d.va only increased with her animated short. Seeing a character like her have a deeper layer and be treated as a serious character made me really happy. It showed that she wasn't just a bratty gamer girl (though I do love that side of her as a fictional character).

I will admit, I relate to d.va a lot. She's a girl gamer and has a really cute aesthetic I strive for, and we're around the same age. The pressure she has to protect everyone herself is something I can relate to, that isolation of yourself.

My only gripe with d.va is seeing so much porn of her lol. I don't look for it but I know it's there. I understand she's an of-age character and this stuff is inevitable but ugh. But this is my site and my shrine page so I can complain all I want lol.

For merch all I have is my overwatch accounts (xbox and pc), a hot topic tee, and an offical d.va hoodie I LOVE. I also have two d.va stickers from someone online but they aren't official u.u still beautiful tho the art style is so cute!!