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january 7th, 2021

hehe last entry of this page (unless I counted wrong) go brrrrrr.

so you know the app notion? Yeah I've become completely obsessed.

I started weakly setting it up for my oc stuff but recently made some (a lot. . .) of stuff for me and my online prescence. I've made is cute as hell too so it's super slow.

so far among many things I have my content calendar for dn and dd and the masterlist of all my postable art + the dates they were drawn.

this is either going to change my life or be a massive pain to clean up so we'll see.

I also put in a diary thing maybe so posts here might slow. . .no one's seen them anyway so hehoo.


december 31rst, 2020

I kinda feel like I have to write today- it's the last day of the year!

all this really means for me is that I need to make a new art folder which will take some time. I wonder what my first illust will be.

I'm staying up with my sister but that's really only for the animal crossing countdown LOL. I'm an early to bed late to wake kinda girl so this'll be fun.

kill the lights by the birthday massacre is a banger. I remember it from my homestuck amv watching days- I found so much good music through those.

here's the topic video future me. These channels are a godsend.

I updated my carrd and actual weebly website's stuff a bit, mostly background images. Some bixels I reused into patterns.


december 19th, 2020

looking at other people's sites is inspiring me to work on mine, but idk what to do. Maybe make a to-do or wishlist, but I love how my homepage is a static screen. It is rather boring, though. . .

that android 11 / one iu 3 update tho. . .it's so bad. They messed up facebook messenger's bubble feature which my sister and I use all the time. Plus, my icon changer stopped working so I had to find a new one, and goodlock isn't updated so I can't change my navigation bar. Boooo!

I suddenly crave being on the internet idk man.


december 17th, 2020

that snow tho holy MERDE if you're in the northeast and are feeling it. Struggle together.

lrt just got off zoom with my therapist (am I cool yet) and we talked quite a bit about my art which hueh. I really wish I could be more honest with her- I sugarcoated the menhera stuff and said only my sister and mom see when I post art online. I post art for anonymous people but can't show my own therapist, then again I'm worried she'll be concerned by it lol.


december 14th, 2020

hootie hoo.

becoming obsessed with an idea or story is so weird. Last week all I could think of was a new idea of mine based on an old au (for future me, it's the butterfly observatory, if you remember that. I won't be elaborating bc I'm keeping this story secret (idk why)).

here's the public playlist, though - its title references the old au.

if you understand the playlist's name, bless u. Truely cultured.

it got to the point that all I was doodling was flat color and black lines, art not for posting but for myself. I say that like it's a problem, which it's not.

I've drawn some pink desu since then, but it felt for a moment that I would never want to draw like that again. Dramatic, right?

those feelings have passed, and my brain has emptied enough for me to have that idea and menhera desu in my mind. It feels good.


november 24th, 2020

I only know what day it is because I post art every other day lol.

I've rediscovered the illustrator / 3D modeler deino and wow. Burst of inspiration. My persona dandere is inspired by their character ca a whole lot, so I've been drawing dandere with more mechanical things. I guess it's a vent? Since they occur as her stability drops but meh.

deino's the maker of the mv for a classic vocaloid song, bacterial contamination.

yeah I have like 5 pictures drawn in a row of dandere now wooh. I kinda redesigned her but really only her "main" outfit. Dandere's been a character / persona of mine since like 2015 and she hasn't changed much, I remember drawing her first design in art class.

I've also found xhloe again, the maker of the vocaloid song tranqilizer. They've even done a 2019 remake, and their other music is really good. I found tranquilizer back in my downloading-youtube-music days, and found it originally as a subbed reupload. It's nice that I've found the original upload.

here's the first version of the song.


november 19th, 2020

feelin like sprucing up my social media after I drew a new icon for dn. Remember when I had a tagline? We are dancing, dying . Maybe I should bring that back.

I'm like. . .sorting out my sns bios. I heard the myers-briggs test was kinda bad so I cut that out, the hardest part is what to put as my twitter location lol. I wanted to do emilie's asylum but the full name doesn't fit.

currently it's "anime girl hell" bc yeah.

well heck I put my carrd in my tumblr bio when it's my pinned post. Hehoo.

that animal crossing sit update tho!! My sister said it looks like manspreading which. . .she isn't wrong about LOL.


november 16th, 2020

so bc I have no chill I bought a clear phone case and printed out a bunch of images to cut out and put in. I was going to post a picture on instagram but I got the pictures all from pinterest so I don't have their sources and looking for them has frustrated me.

posting a picture with them is as bad as reuploading them without credit to me, so I want all their sources before I do.


november 12th, 2020

I changed delaneyscribbles' theme bc the old one was doing some annoying stuff.

is. Is today rina's birthday.

I watched all of is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dunegon bc its first season is on netflix. It's eh, nice but very sexist. The mc being a lovable goof who's just trying to be good is nice tho.

therapy today, had to reschedule bc I got distracted playing minecraft with my sister and missed it last week LOL. I dressed nice and it was uwu.


november 8th, 2020

epsiode 6 of nijigasaki. Wow.

I was sobbing the whole time tbh. Rina's lack of facial emotion just gets me; it's cheesy but I relate to her and her shynesss. Seeing her happy and improving makes me so happy uwu.

oh my sister bought me homecoming hehe. She says it was still on sale for her and I really hope she's telling the truth. Alex is home baby whip out the hot chocolate and childhood trauma.


november 2nd, 2020

boy. I'm trying to buy homecoming on steam bc it's on sale for four bucks but IT'S NOT LETTING ME. I want my shit silent hill game.

in a seriousness tho I love silent hill: homecoming, mainly because it's the only one I can play without roms. I know it's seen as bad and I can see why, but it literally spawned a personal story of mine that's changed my life so. Props to that.

steam is cockblocking me.

the internet's telling me steam is having a lot of problems and it's locked me out from trying to buy so many times. If I don't get this sale I'm gonna hehe.

well I didn't. Sale's up and steam didn't remember my failed purchase like it said it would. Alex isn't coming home today.


october 29th, 2020

toyhou.se let out a post about how they're starting to struggle running the site hehe. Now I'm like speed getting all my ocs onto notion as a wiki but idk. I kinda wanted to switch anyway because toyhou.se seems kinda unreliable? It's just a website. I do love the photo galleries and especially the tagging system but oh well. We'll see.

sage my main oc had his creation-birthday on the 26th, I realize now. Oops. OCs have changed my life lol.


october 28th, 2020

I -clap emoji- love -clap emoji- rina tennoji. I might make a shrine for her I relate to her so much and she's so cute. Can you tell I watched the new episode of nijigasaki.


october 24th, 2020

so uh my poetry book came. . .and my dad found it. He isn't online at all so he doesn't know about my art but he knows about my poetry now. He was supportive and hugged me, but did note that it was really dark.

SO I WATCHED ALL OF RATCHED. WHAT THE FUCK. I watched & read cuckoo's nest in 10th grade for american lit and especially thought movie ratched was pretty.

lemme just list what I thought.

the series is fanfiction. And I'm fine with that; I liked Bates Motel. But this really should have been an independant story, there was no connection to cuckoo's aside from ratched.


october 22nd, 2020

ratched. . .pretty.

delaney's little book of poetry arrived and I already found an error! Doesn't matter tho, it's pretty big bc I forgot to reset the size when trying to get the cover to work orz.

my nurse's cap came too!! It's pinned and I'm not good with pins plus I have my cat ear headphones on all the time. Now I wanna make a whole "nurse" outfit.


october 20th, 2020

still in a writing mood, watching writing videos. Meh.


october 19th, 2020

69 poems on delaney's scribbles babey!!!

I'm waiting for the email to buy my new proof of delaney's little book of poetry, just for fun. My sister didn't end up designing the cover but really? All that matters is that she offered, plus a part of me likes it being %100 my stuff hueh. Instead of the past aesthetic I used my delaney's scribbles / neocities aesthetic (which isn't even that different).

I'm in a writing mood hoo hoo.

amiibo is going well! I have bunnie and now I'm working on getting rosie.


october 15th, 2020

twitter isn't letting me post ac pictures >:/

idolm@ster's op star!! is a fricken SLAP.

had therapy today, it was at 12h30 and we woke up at 11. My sister made me dress cute and eeee.


october 14th, 2020

the amiibo chips came in and they work!! Bunnie's does at least, my sister helped me get the stuff needed for her first crafted item. Have I mentioned my sister is heaven sent because she is.

I have a bow pin in my hair to keep my bangs off my face. I want my hime cut and bangs back; some purchases have fueled my want to be cute and presentable. Hold myself to a higher standard.

did some human bio notes! Finished my ones for last week (listen. I have a system).


october 13th, 2020

does anyone else have something that just. Makes them cry no matter what.

because I have that and it's idol anime and precure. Love live! and idolm@ster just get me idk man.

I finally found the idolm@ster cinderella girls anime so that's happening. Too bad the game's in jpn only, not like I'd actually play it but I'd have it.