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october 12th, 2020

I walked with my mom, it was really nice.

love live! nijigasaki is SO fricken cute, if not a little disjointed. Unless I'm over-remembering the first series, it's a little. . .more unpolished, and moving pretty slow, but I'm enjoying it regardless.

I'm sad they kinda ditched rina's rina-chan board but I understand why. Seeing her cute face is nice tho. This is a respecting anime girls zone.

my computer darlingdarling is rina themed now hehe. My sister doesn't know much about nijigasaki but agrees that rina's cute af.

today's banger is a kairiki bear mashup that I don't know the name of.

be blessed.

I got an xbox controller so playing overwatch again? More likely than you think. So far I've used it for ESO, PSO2 & Destiny 2 (barely). Tbh idk bc overwatch wasn't very good for me lol I'm a sore loser who prefers pve, and all my good stuff is on xbox.

a while ago after my birthday I bought a bunch of stantionery and I'm actually using it to take analog notes. Pens are fun, I justed used a pink erasable one that's good (pilot frixion if u care).


october 9th, 2020

I've been posting a lot about my poetry book on the menhera amino and someone said they really liked seeing my posts and not to apologize (as I apologized for making so many posts on said topic). holy HECK did that give me serotonin.

I'm in a creativity spiral, I want to make stuff but I don't know what. Now that I have 90 poems being compiled in a new (unpublished) book I feel like I can't write any more>

SPEAKING OF MY POETRY BOOK, my sister offered to illustrate the cover!! Of course I said yes, it means a lot to me that she wants to help, and her art is so nice uwu.


october 5th, 2020

okay made the folder icon & text all one picture so we good. The text is a bit small tho.

that's really it, bye gonna go draw cute girls, maybe a nurse.


october 4th, 2020

so uh. . .at what point do I make a new diary page. Do I just let this page scroll forever? I was thinking numbering the entries and doing like every 20 entries or smth maybe I will.

remember the vocaloid song online game addicts sprechchor. Good tunes.

ok I numbered the entries in html comments for me and we're at 17 unless I counted wrong. Every 20 entries I make a new page? Little phone graphic. Yeah.

ok I did it hehe. digidiary is now a directory for entries. Cool.

so now that that's done. . .I bought amiibo chips off etsy. I really hope they work, I've never had amiibo and tbh I'm not used to being able to use them? I have to remind myself I have a device capable with amiibo.

I got rosie, coco, bunnie, and chrissy. Bunny fever. Then I bought my sister bob bc she loves bob and we can share the coco chip. I got them from sparkcrossing on etsy.

well I've hit a snag. . .how do I have the folder icons and the text below them to be even. . .heck.


october 2nd, 2020

so uh. . .someone from highschool followed my art instagram just as goretober starts. Normally I'd make myself not care, but my art has a lot of self harm and I've seen her scars before irl. I'm kinda worried my art will trigger her, but do I ask her? Idk we're not friends, I probably won't and just hope she isn't triggered. I have warning cards ready for the first slide then the art the second slide so.

have I mentioned I'm in human bio in college? Yeah just one class bc accounting was a big oof last semester.

god remember black rock shooter. . .middle school obsession. The theme song still makes me cry and I love the anime I should rewatch it and sob. Dead master and black gold saw are so cute. They're all so pretty.

you know what here's the cover of the theme song I'm blasting rn.

I lrt almost just started crying thinking about how long I've had my toyhou.se. . .someone really kind on tumblr was/is giving codes out and I didn't expect to get one but I'm so glad I asked. ocs mean so much to me it's stupid haha.


october 1rst, 2020

twitter images save as jpgs now!! I don't have to convert them now which means it's much less of a hassle to update my ac page!!

I'm so pumped for the new horizons halloween, I have my costume all ready ingame but I don't want to spoil it oxo.


september 7th, 2020

so I'm re-interested in this site just as the new semester starts. Genius I know.

tbh I've been so into the word "paracosm". It means "A detailed imaginary world. Paracosms are thought generally to originate in childhood and to have one or numerous creators. The creator of a paracosm has a complex and deeply felt relationship with this subjective universe, which may incorporate real-world or imaginary characters and conventions." That's according to wikipedia, oh should I make a favorite wikipedia pages page? I was going to make a favorite sites/apps page.

anyway I've made a pill lockscreen and a simple desktop wallpaper with paracosm on it lol.

I might remove my poetry section with just links to delaney's scribbles. . .but what if I delete those lol it feels redundant which everything I do is but especially here?

brb gonna make a favorite pages/programs/websites page.


september 6th, 2020

so I'm obsessed with riamu yumemi.

I saw the promotional video and the rich 2d for go just go! and I love her. I may be projecting a bit, but it looks to me like riamu is becoming more open to friendships. She's branching out from her uwu I'm so sick mindset and being more normal socially. Again, me just projecting.

here's the promo video

and the rich 2d

yeah that's been me. I've been drawing her a lot too and being frustrated at how much sexually implicit/straight up porno art there is of her. She's 17 and I don't give a shit if that's consenting in japan it's not for me. I get it, she has a big bust, but that doesn't mean she's a sexual character.


august 21rst, 2020

hehe hello.

feeling that urge to post content idk man.

today's earworm is secret himitsu by pinocchio-p.



august 13th, 2020

ezekiel my drawing tablet got sent away so I'm bored.

in fact, I'm so bored I made a wordpress blog specifically for poetry hehe.

here it is unless it's deleted which I'll undoubtably do

it only has one like introduction and one poem but idk. A few people liked the intro post and gave me that sweet dopamine so.

yeah you could say I'm trying to understand my accounting class but I don't feel like I am. I know I'll fail the final so part of me's like why try but idk. I'll be taking only one class next semester unless I have that disconnect where I'm like yeah I can do two again which'll happen I know it will.

so uh hehe. . .I made an instagram for delaneyscribbles my poetry blog. And I have three posts designed on canva. Haha.


this is what happens when I'm told it's okay if I fail classes.


august 4th, 2020

hehoo has it been a minute!! I lost interest in this site like THAT and got self conscious about being on the intenet.

some merde that's happened:

yeah that's really it. I'm getting used to typing on DarlingDarling still because she has a number pad. I also haven't been gaming much aside from animal crossing; I'm kinda stuck on honkai? Where I'm lower level than recommended for literally all the options.

I'm turing 20 soon, hehe. What a failure I am. I feel like I'm wasting time whenever I'm bored but that's mainly because of school.

oh there was a tornado warning. That's fun right?


july 18th, 2020

writing from my new laptop!! My sister is so sweet. It's an asus vivobook and is sooo fast compared to my old inspiron. No stickers tho, which I understand but is still u.u. Her name is DarlingDarling but I might change it, her humanized design is pretty boring too.

played a lot of honkai impact 3rd today, it's pretty fun on pc. I'm trying to burn up my 500+ stamina because it being red maxed out is annoying to look at.


july 15th, 2020

mom had half a day of work so we went and god mcdonalds (drive thru of course). They gave us one extra big mac and I learned I can't eat two big macs, my sister had most of it.

yesterday I had therapy, and she got me a little toy bunny!! It was so cute u.u we talked a lot about school which I still need to start this week's homework hehe.


july 9th, 2020

almost didn't write today hehe. This week's accounting homework seems easy so I did more than I had to today! Feels good after bombing the midterm.

SDR wise (which I havn't even mentioned on here before) I made goddess her own toyhou.se page and maybe a humanoid form? Who knows she's cute though.


july 8th, 2020

I can't believe I haven't mentioned the bedcouch!! My sister and I got a bedcouch for christmas last year that we've been folding out to sleep under the fan and it's soooo nice. It takes up the whole room my sister and I chill in and it's extremely comfy.

I've been writing entries every day but I'm sure the newness of this site will wear off and I'll go weeks without posting.

gonna go play animal crossing uwu. I made a little cafe and an outdoor hospital area.

I guess this digidiary supplements what I used to do on twitter, just quick little blurbs. I stopped tweeting because I realized no one was listening and it was cringey to pretend I had an audience (though that's exactly what I'm doing here lol).

I wish there was a way to get screenshots off the switch lite other than posting them, I want them here not on twitter (though, again, no one sees). I could make a private twitter to post them to but that's so much work and I have enough twitter accounts lol. Plus when I save them to my computer from twitter they're in a weird format I need to use an online converter for to make them jpg. That in itself kinda deterrs me from updating the ac page but it's cute so I wanna. Today daisy complimented my smile while I was wearing a gas mask.

hehoo failed my accounting midterm!!!! D- baby!!!!

started fing around with custom pathways in new horizons, bink bricks baby. They're really blocky but whatever it's cute and occupied me for a few hours instead of doing homework hehe.


july 7th, 2020

added some bixel bart, some quick pills and syringes. I love pills and syringes (though I will admit I'm a big eh about getting shots lol).

the spacing between this entry and yesterday's isn't working :( the nbsp spacing is iffy with me it seems.

oh now it's working lol.

ugh I wanna make a 3D gif but it's so hard, the only one I've found is too small and has a black background. How do other people do it??

chicken update we're pretty sure ice cream one of our ameracaunas is a cock. Rooster.

added little (well they're kinda big) pixel dividers between entries!! Pixel art is really fun hueh but I can't do anything complicated yet, I actually don't even need to use my tablet to make it too.

added some pixel to my ac page but it might be too busy. . .I'm just going off the creation high, might make my website more vibrant? I like the backgrounds maybe I'll have to rework the pixels then.


july 6th, 2020

one of our hens has started crowing and mounting the other chickens. This has turned into a chicken blog.

I still wanna add some computer windows/pixel art to this site but ugh, I'm just not satisfied with how it looks? But I want to use only my own stuff except for the shrine pages bc I need pictures.

suddenly feeling a my melody theme? My phone is my melody themed but again I want to be using all my own art unless I draw a bunch of melodys maybe make my own bunny mascot? Idk.

aha meet rabies!! She's my new mascot for this site!! I made her a super duper quick toyhou.se page and now I have to do homework okay bye.

hehoo I probably just failed my accounting exam!! Probably the one thing from college I'm going to need!!

on a lighter note I have a desktop wallapaper collage of some of my favorite anime girls. It has;

pink haired anime girls for the win (bonus points for unstable pink haired anime girls). I made the collage using canva (collage), candycam (pink filter), and line camera (further pink filter and stickers).

I'm this (this) close to making a shrine for rina riamu or kosame but I'm not in those fandoms a whole lot so I don't think I "know" the characters enough. . .


july 5th, 2020

pudding passed away last night ;_;. The coop's queen, we think she was eggbound. Tek'aluk and piu piu stayed with her until the end.

I guess chip is the new queen? It could be her piu piu or tek'aluk I guess we'll have to see. Toast is too small to be queen lol.

I have homework to do but I don't wanna do it lol I might transcribe some more poems or play new horizons.

I did some homework.

kinda wanna add some like computer window aesthetics but I tried on the enter screen and it didn't work lol. I need to like write down WHAT I want this site to look like. I also wanna add pixel art but it's kinda hard to draw. . .and idk.

made a games page! Makes me want to keep working on first blood but I'm stuck on the second route. . .

added a changelog page so the homepage doesn't scroll and hee I'm minorly obsessed with it being a flat page idk why. Transcribed some more poems too.

I have so many ideas for pages but I don't want to have too many? Buttons on the homepage?? I could just organize it differently but. I kinda wanna make a "favorites" page but I don't understand columns.



july 4th, 2020

I guess if this is an update diary I changed all of the backgrounds on the site with a pink color filter so text is easier to read! I might draw some more, I used patterns I use in my drawings.

we have a cookout today u_u. I like to think it's celebrating what America could be and not what it is rn. Yes my family is having a cookout during covid which I don't really agree with but compliance is just as bad right.

I've seen people make shrine pages which kinda creeps me out? But I kinda wanna make one for d.va or emilie autumn hehe.

I'm gonna do it hehe.

I did it hehe. I might do more but those are the two I love and have like. . .meaning and emotion aside from "they're cute looking".

update I added pentagrams and candle transparents bc uwu.

anyone else blasting digital girl by kira bc that's been me all day lol.

here's the youtube link enjoy

added some poems and my wrist hurts I have to write them all out because spacing ugh.


july 3rd, 2020

why eat when you can work on your neocities site?

I'm going to make a pet section hee with all my (family's) pets.

I love animal crossing new horizons!! So I made a page for it and my screenshots.


july 2nd, 2020

hehe it's a website. Everyone I've seen has a diary page.

I guess I expect this to be a place where I can be myself but I know that isn't true uwu.

hehe I'm on my phone!! through the web browser!! it's very likely I won't post from here very much at all but it's fun!!