oh it's new horizons time


this page is super quick I just wanna get this stuff down!! I love new horizons!!

pictures should be in order of when they were taken (top being newest) unless I fluff it up

my first ac experience was pocket camp which I loved but new horizons is so good

some facts about my experience

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first snowboy!! Perfect but my second one wasn't uwu


hehe I made my new horizons self my creeper hat.


halloween and sprinkle!! Among my new villagers coming via amiibo she's safe, what a cutie.


meemee's hospital is coming along! I've been spending all my nook miles on cosmetics instead of things like better tools hehoo


bit the bullet and made a new character for lobotomy!! Her house is going to be a hospital, probably only upgraded enough to change the exterior.


started pumpkins!! I love how the new eye colors aren't a limited time thing, I always wanted my ac character to have pink eyes though I'm used to her blue ones like mine.

yeah. . .I had daisy say beeko. According to the elder scrolls online, "beeko" is what argonians (lizard people) call non-lizards. I think it's a really cute word, and makes no sense for a dog to say.


it's a bit late but birthday!! My favorite villagers I have came as well u.u


august fireworks with my sister the froggy! My island got five stars last week!!


mitzi baby!! I got wasps three times in a row and broffina gave me some medicine after this. Chicken mom


I paved all my roads in this pink brick pattern I made!! It took two days but it's worth it u.u I hope I don't grow to hate it


daisy liked my smile XD


I'm reworking the entrance to my island!! It's so much work mostly transporting flowers I want to use


playing with my sister again uwu the pillow is an inside joke between us. Funny face

my island got four stars today!!!


swim~ I got the snorkel in the mail, thanks nintendo for the pink


the bunny ears wobble!!!!!!!! Feat. a nurse dress I made


idk what fish this is but she's a chungus


I got the lolita set pwp


when I discovered custom designs. I don't have a nintendo subscription so I can't share them but they're pretty simple


sleeping wayward sheep uwu


me and my sister!!


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